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לעילוי נשמת רוחמה חיה פרומא ע״ה בת ר׳ דוב פנחס נ״י

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Hello, and thanks so much for visiting my page.

Yad Batya L'Kallah is a cause that is extremely close to my heart. To help share my passion for this cause and generate much needed funds, I am participating in the Yad Batya L'Kallah Auction campaign.

My goal is to raise $5000. I hope you can help me reach my goal by contributing to my campaign. All contributions are tax deductible. Donating is simple just enter your amount and hit donate below.

Thanks so much for your generosity.

All funds raised by Chillers are in memory of our dear friend, Chaya Bistritzky a"h, who was a fellow Chiller, as well as a beloved Yad Batya volunteer.

לעילוי נשמת רוחמה חיה פרומא ע״ה בת ר׳ דוב פנחס נ״י
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