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Yacov Weiss $2,400.00
Berry Weiss $1,000.00
Aryeh Blumstein $1,000.00
Yede Weiss $1,000.00
Anonymous Sponsor $500.00
Aryeh Weiss $500.00
Ben Mandelbaum $500.00
Rebecca Weiss $500.00
Rachelle & Yona N Tepper $250.00
Mikey Mause $250.00
Tyh for the Weiss family
Chani Weiss $185.00
Dov Feder $180.00
Yissocher Rubin $180.00
Chesky Assaf $165.00
In honor of Aryeh Weiss!
Chaya Leah And Elie $150.00
We're in awe of your devotion to your family and friends. You inspire every step of the way!
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
לכבוד Reb Aryeh, Thx for everything!
Anonymous Sponsor $10.00