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    This is such a beautiful initiative. May it be a big zechus for Batya ZT”L and help bring Moshiach soon so we can all be reunited with our loved ones
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    David and Tzvia and Moshe and Venetzia: Neshama should have an aliya. Great cause. Proud of all of you and honored to be a friend
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    Love you guys
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Dear Friends,

Yad Batya L'Kallah is an essential hachnasat Kallah organization that was founded in memory of my sister Batya Zakheim Brecher, a”h who was tragically taken from us 33 years ago.

The organization provides brides from families without means, with all their home essentials to start their new married life. All home goods, Linens, Towels, Dishes, silverware, all small home appliances, and a-lot more.These packages allows the young bride to start a home in a dignified manner.  

This year, there have been more applications then ever depleting so much of the organizations resources. In addition the annual fund raising Chinese auction will not be able to be held in the usual fashion. 

For this reason, I am participating in this virtual campaign to generate the much needed funds to keep the organization running.  This fund raising campaign will conclude on March 2, 2021 with a virtual Chinese auction. 

We implore you to help us reach our $36,000 fundraising goal.  Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. All donations will receive tickets towards raffles in the Chinese auction.  

Please click on the link below to visit our personal campaign page to learn more about Yad Batya L’Kallah and to contribute.  Your participation would mean the world to us.

Thank you!            
                                                                                                                   David and Tzvia Zakheim




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