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    TYH for giving me the opportunity to know such a special person, his eishes chayil and kids. May Mr. Hamada’s neshama have a huge aliya and we should all share in simchas!!
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    In honor of our favorite daughter in law -Esti Cohen
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    In memory of Shlomo Hamada. May his neshama have an aliya . He was very special and since this organization meant so much to him, it is such a fitting Hazkarah.
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  • Yitzchok Lichtenstein
    Will always remember his friendly smile and warmth
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All who enter my parents home mid winter time will find the dining room transformed into Yad Batya L’kallah auction ticket headquarters. Ever since we could, my siblings, and I have been sticking seamlessly endless labels onto tickets. If one needs Chumashim/Siddurim for a Shabbos Simcha they are welcome to borrow from the YBLK G’mach collection located out back in my parents garage. My parents learn to open their house and be involved in Chessed from both of their parents. 

Unfortunately, this past erev Yom Kippur, my maternal Zeidy, Shlomie Hamada was niftar. My Zaidy was always busy with chessed for the Klal. He was a gabbi par excellence, taking care of bookkeeping for the shul, using his beautiful voice to sing on yomim noraim, and making every Simchas Torah memorable - always with humbleness and positivity. 

He was loved by all, never missing an opportunity to share a kind word, and gracing  others with his huge, warm smile. While he is sorely missed, his legacy of always uplifting others lives on through his children and grandchildren’s involvement with organizations like YBLK and their own shuls and communities. 

May his Neshama have an  aliya. 
Written by his granddaughter Esti (Lichtenstein) Cohen